2010 Somerset CountyFair Queen

Breanna Robinson

2010 Somerset County Fair Queen Breanna Robinson


Finally… senior year! I always dreamed of actives that my friends and I would share during our last year in high school…graduation, Friday night football games, parties, and of course the endless hours of homework. I quickly found out that my first week as a senior would not be spent walking the halls of Windber Area High School, studying in a classroom, or eating lunch in the cafeteria.  My final year in high school would begin in a different learning location, The Somerset County Fair. 

As a member of the Clover Kids 4-H club for the past seven years, I had attended the fair for many years.  Some of the highlights of my fair memories included entering my sewing project, decorating the fair booth, and the watching the queens contest.  With encouragement from my family, I decided to enter the queen competition this past summer to make new friends and learn more about the Pennsylvania’s agriculture. I anxiously waited on the grandstand stage for the emcee to announce the winner on August 22, 2010.  As I listened to the announcer call my name, my heart skipped a beat, tears came to my eyes, and I was speechless. I was so happy because no one from my hometown of Windber had ever worn the crown as Somerset County Fair Queen. Dreams really do come true!

  As the newly crowned queen, I had to assume the responsibilities that came with this honor.  I knew the definition of a “queen,” a woman who rules something great, her realm. As fair queen, I was determined to represent the Somerset County Fair to the best of my “royal” abilities.  My duties included participating in local parades, speaking at 4-H Club meetings, and assisting at the fair events.  At the fair, I handed out awards to 4-H and FFA members for their agricultural excellence, welcomed the crowds at the evening activities, and even watched a cow for hours during “cow patty bingo.” I also enjoyed a “frogtastic” experience when I was asked to welcome everyone to the fair over the radio with Froggy 95.

After the whirlwind week at the fair, my reign as queen did not stop. Next, I was off to the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania for the State Fair Queen Competition.  I met 56 beautiful and talented fair queens from across the state.  I placed among the top 5, and was voted Miss Congeniality by my other contestants.  Again, dreams really do come true. 

There are many people I want to thank for my success. Without them my experience would not have been what it was.  First, I would like to thank Emily Maurer, the 2009 Somerset County Fair Queen, who placed the crown on my head.  Thank you Emily, for everything, and I mean everything!  It was very difficult knowing I had to follow in your footsteps since you did such an amazing job representing Somerset County. You answered everyone one of my questions, and you were such an inspiration.  I treasure our friendship and look at you as the sister I never had.

To Shelby Baird, the 2008 Somerset County Fair Queen, you are such an outstanding young woman.  From the first day I met you four years ago, you always  managed to put a smile on my face. Thank you for preparing me and giving me the “Fair Queen 101” course.  You will do great things in your future and I know my life has been blessed with your friendship.

To Amy Fullerton, thank you for answering every single one of my questions.  You are an amazing coordinator!

To the BEST fair board in the state of Pennsylvania, thank you!  You really do treat your queen like royalty.  When I didn’t feel like walking, you always had a gator there waiting for me. When I needed a minute break, your office couch was always available.  I now understand and appreciate the many countless hours you spent during the entire year to make the week long successful.  Each and every one of you put in hard work and your dedication to the Somerset County Fair, making it a rewarding and memorable experience for everyone that attends.  .

To Jeff and Jill Romesberg, I would like to thank you for the free milkshakes when I was hungry, your hugs when I was feeling down, and the memories we shared together.  Your inspirational stories that you shared at the state convention made me stronger and more confident individual.  You two are the definition of kindness.

To Donnie and Debbie Miller, thank you so much for all of your motivation through this whole experience.  I would have not made it through the state competition if it would not have been for your help. I was constantly calling or e-mailing you, and you were always there with the correct answer and right solution.  You two are the most organized couple I know! Thank you!

To Byron and Judy Glessner, I am so very blessed to have you in my life.  You are the reason why the Somerset County Fair is such a success.  We need more people like you in this world to make a difference.  Thank you for all you support and generosity.

To Jay and Dutch Hemminger, you two constantly kept me on schedule.  Dutch, you were the main reason I remained sane at the state convention.  Jay, thank you for all of the gator rides to and from all of the events. Your bigheartedness was appreciated!

To Jill (Romesberg) Luster, the first PA State Fair Queen and from Somerset County, I honestly have never met such a warm and caring woman like you.  You always encouraged me and gave me words of wisdom at the state convention. You kept telling me to be the best and you made me believe in myself.        

To Brandon Snyder or should I say my “Stalkarazzi,” you really were beside me for every moment.  You captured me at my best (and worst) times.  I will treasure the photos you took forever.  Thank you for always making my pictures speak a thousand words.

To Kathy Buben and Chris Turcato, my fair Queen experience all started with you two.  You pushed me to fulfill my dream. Both of you are dedicated 4-H leaders and an inspiration to young women.  You’ve watched me mature through my 4-H years, and you have helped to mold me into the person I have become.

To the Kincaid Family, thank you for being you.  Your family did so much for me, and you are the reason I am now in love with goat meat!  Echo, thank you for being a great friend.  You were an outstanding Lamb and Wool Queen. Thank you for representing Pennsylvania State 4-H  council so well.

            To Sharon Wissinger, words cannot thank you enough.  In addition to being my dance teacher, you also impacted my 4-H career.  Thank you for listening to my fair queen speech over and over again at the studio.  You were always there for me, and you always dropped whatever you were doing to answer any of my questions.  Thanks again.

            To Penny Kochinski. Miss K, thank for being my biggest fan. You constantly watched for me in the paper, and motivated me to achieve my dreams. Thank you for your outstanding editing tips on this farewell letter!

            To Laura Weaver, Steph Bracken, Kyle Neff, and Sierra Buchan, my dearest friends, thank you for coming out to support me.  Even though I was terrible at giving you driving directions, you managed to get to the queen coronation on time.  You are the best! I love you all.

            To my Fair King, Matt Glessner, and his court, Michael Knapp and J.R. Hemminger, you were with me as much as my own princesses.  You were always so eager to help, and I would like to thank you for wearing those duct tape sashes with pride.  Great job guys!

            I am so very thankful to have seven beautiful and helpful princesses on my court. Thank you for all of your help through the entire week. I knew all of you before the queen competition, and I feel as though we all got closer with this experience.  Valerie Svonavec, good luck with your future endeavors at the fair and with your livestock!  Jena Shaffer- you really are my twin, especially since we have the same birthday.  Remember the great time we had in Montana on our 4-H exchange trip!  Katie Martiney, who knew that princesses could have more fun soaking their feet in the bubbling hot tub? I cannot wait until we go to the Taylor Swift concert!  Sarah Grube, thank you for the D.O.C. teddy bear, which now lies on my bookshelf. That definitely made my giggle.  Steph Summits, thank you for helping me at the horse show. We had so much fun dancing on the grand stand and playing the tambourines!  I’m glad we were embarrassed together. Alyssa Wiegle, thanks for helping me find contestants for the Fair King court. Our signs were pretty impressive.  Michaela Shaffer, thank you for always cracking jokes and making everyones world a bit happier. 

                        To my grandmother, Margaret Dabcosky, or as I call her “Bubba,” you are the strongest woman I know, your perseverance and will power really taught me to accomplish my dreams.  I can talk to you about anything and I appreciate everything you do for me.  Thank you and I love you with all my heart! Hugs and kisses, Bubba!

            To my brother Brett, you have never failed to miss a single dance recital or pageant. Even when the Penguins made it to the playoffs you were still there supporting your little sister. That means so much to me.  I am so privileged to have a caring older brother like you, who has always treated me as a queen.  I love you, Brett!

            To my Mom & Dad you are constantly reminding me to be true to myself.  Through your guidance, love, and support I have accomplished so many goals, and accomplishments.   Even though I will be going away to college, I will always be your little girl.  I may not say it everyday, but … thank you. Mom and Dad, you simply are the best!  You will always be close in my heart, I love you so much!

Finally to the girl’s competing this year for fair queen, I wish you the best of luck! Remember to have fun, be yourself, and live your dreams. 

             The Somerset County Fair is something I cherish and I have looked forward to each year. For me, the fair has always been a great way to end summer and to get ready for the start of another school year!  Being the Somerset County Fair Queen this year was totally worth missing the first week of my senior year at school.  I look forward to the fair this summer, to make memories, and renew friendships.     

            It was an honor and pleasure to represent the Somerset County as your 2010 Somerset County Fair Queen.  This is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  My life long dream came true.  Thank you again and God bless.        


                                                2010 Somerset County Fair Queen,

                                                Breanna Robinson