2012 Fair Queen

Ashley May

Bathing swine, clipping goats, and eating lots of cheesy ranch fries is where my heart is every third week of August. The Somerset County Fair has been my home for years on end. Camping with my family throughout the week has proven how community oriented my fair really is. Throughout my teenage years the preparations of getting my animals to look their best would always lead to a bittersweet week at the fair. There are so many amazing events at the fair from the carnival rides to the demolition derby, but nothing at the fair was quite as special as the Fair Queen contest. As I grew older I realized how many younger girls looked at the Fair Queen as a positive role model. I wanted to be that role model. I wanted to be the Queen that every beautiful, young woman looked up too. My dream of being that positive role model came true last year at the fair when I was crowned the 2012 Somerset County Fair Queen. Feelings of nervousness and unconditional love raged throughout my entire body. I love the Somerset County Fair and I was so excited to be able to express that! Representing such an immense part of America’s county is an ample task in itself, but since day number one at the fair, I was ready for that task!

            My week at the fair as Queen was the best week of my life! My Fair Queen court was there for me whenever I needed them. Friendships grew closer and I knew we were in for the times of our lives! I learned so much about every event at the fair. I got to personally experience how special every single show, event, and business is to the Somerset County Fair. Without every part, my fair would not be the agricultural excellence that it is.
In January, I made the journey to the Pennsylvania State Fair Queen Contest in Hershey, Pa. I learned about 54 other fairs and met amazing young woman along the way. I couldn’t believe that so many other girls had the same love for agriculture and their fair as I do. During my trip, I discovered a new passion and appreciation for my own fair!
Plenty of other opportunities led me to represent the Somerset County Fair as their official ambassador this year. I rode through parades all over western Pennsylvania and spoke to anyone who had questions or comments about my great fair. Overall, my time as Queen has been marvelously wonderful, but I assure you that no amount of words could describe my time as the Somerset County Fair Queen.
I have plenty of people to thank for my fantastic and successful year. For their support, dedication, and love that continues on, I would love to thank the fair board. All the hard work that every single one of you put into our fair makes it special. I personally got to see that first hand. You all helped in whatever way you could and I am truly grateful.
To my fair queen court, Courtney, Hannah, Beth, and Kaitlyn, you are all spectacular! Thank you for all of your help and I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to know all of you!
To Jay and Dutch Hemminger, thank you so much for traveling with me to the state queen contest and supporting me the entire trip. I realized how humorous Dutch can be and what amazing people you both are. Also, another thank you to Jay for chauffeuring my queen court and I around!
To Byron and Judy Glessner, thank you for being there at the state queen contest as well. I appreciate all that you do and I am thankful to know such wonderful people!
To Jeff and Jill Romesburg, an enormous thank you! Thank you for all the milkshakes, they were delicious! Also I would have gotten lost without you both at the state queen contest. I want to express how truly lucky I am to know such humbling people!
To Darlene Fullerton and Amy Buterbaugh, thank you so much for putting together an awesome fair queen contest! It was so much fun and you both know how to answer my questions!
To James T. Yoder, thank you for escorting me throughout the queen contest! You looked great!
To Branden Lynne Snyder, thank for all the beautiful pictures and being the greatest “stalkarazzi” ever!
To past queens, Shelby, Breanna, Emily, and Kylie, thank you so much for your  extended support and answering any and all questions I had!
To Larry and Gale Hay, I would definitely not be where I am today without you both. Thank you for your time, patience, and continued support!
To George and Georgia Lensbouer, thank you so much for letting me use your convertible for every parade! It was a huge help!
To my Grandparents, thank you for supporting me and wishing me the best in anything I do!
To my Uncle Jr. and Bill, without you both I wouldn’t have made it! The dress you bought me for the state contest was absolutely stunning. Thank you both for traveling with me to the state contest and supporting me. You always said I had to look classy and because of you both, I did. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life!
To Shane Maust, my boyfriend and best friend of 5 years, no words will express to you how thankful I am to have you. Thank you for driving me through every parade and for traveling with me to the state contest. You truly are the best and I could not have done this without you!
To my parents and sister, thank you so much for everything! You only want the best for me and because of you, I have the best! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you again to the Somerset County Fair for allowing me to be the official ambassador for the fair! I loved every single part of it!
I now look forward to this year’s fair and realize that I will no longer be wearing the crown all week. I know that the fair will have the same great cheesy ranch fries and I know that the fair will still be my home all week. I look forward to crowning the young and beautiful woman who will call herself the queen next. Enjoy it and take in every single element of the fair, because remember it only comes once a year!
2012 Somerset County Fair Queen,
Ashley May