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The last Saturday,                                                                      
REGISTRATION - 8:30 a.m.
ELIMINATIONS - 9:00 a.m.
FINALS - Immediately following elimination round
Prizes offered by Suder Beverage, Meyersdale
First, $50; Second, $40; Third, $30;
Fourth, $20
Best 2 out of 3 games.
Scoring Rules:
  1. Sec. a. A shoe must be within 6 inches of the stake to score.
    Sec. b. Closest shoe to the stake scores 1 point
    See. c. Two shoes closer than opponents 2 points
    Sec. d. One (1) ringer scores 3 points
    Sec. e. Two (2) ringers score 6 points
    Sec. f. One ringer and closest shoe of the same player scores 4 points
    Sec. g. Party having two ringers against one for the opponent scores 3 points
    Sec. h. All equals count as ties and no points are scored (For instance, one ringer each thrown by both players, but player is credited with the ringer thrown on the score sheet by Symbol “0.”)
    Sec. i. In case each contestant has a ringer, the next closest shoe, if within 6 inches shall score 1 point
    Sec. j. In case of tie, such as four (4) ringers, or contestant’s shoes are equal distance from the stake causing no score for either, party pitching last in the inning will start the next inning.
    Sec. k. A leaning shoe has no value over one touching the stake.
  2. Sec. a. The points shall be scored according to the position of the shoes at the innings’ end, that is, after the contestants have each thrown two shoes. (A game is divided into innings and each inning constitutes the pitching of two shoes by each contestant.)
  3. Sec a. No contestant, while opponent is in pitching position, shall make any remark or utter any sounds within the hearing of the opponent nor make any movement that does or might interfere with the opponent’s playing. Penalty – both shoes of the offender shall be declared foul in the inning complained of.
  4. Sec a. No contestant shall touch own or opponent’s shoe or shoes until winner of the point or points has been agreed upon by contestants or decision is rendered by the referee. Referee shall declare “foul” shoes thrown by a contestant failing to comply with this rule and award points to the opponent according to the position of his shoes.
    Sec. b. No contestant shall walk to the opposite stake or be informed of the position of shoes prior to the completion of an inning.
    Sec. c. A player when not pitching must remain on the opposite side of the stake to the player in action and to the rear of a line even with the stakes.
  5. Shoe is “delivered” when it leaves the hand.
  6. Choice of Pitch. Choice of first pitch or follow shall be determined by the toss of a coin. In successive games between the same players, the lower shall have the choice.
  7. Broken Shoes. When a shoe lands in fair territory and is broken into separate parts, it shall be removed and the contestant allowed to pitch another shoe in its stead.
  8. Sec. a. Foul Shoes. A shoe pitched while the contestant stands beyond the box foul limits. A shoe striking outside the opposite pitching box or on the hard surface area when the courts are so constructed.
    Sec. b. Foul shoes shall be removed from the opposite pitcher’s box at the request of the opponent.
    Sec. c. A foul shoe shall not be scored or credited except in the score sheet column headed, “shoes pitched.”
  9. Measurements. Measurements to determine points won shall be made with calipers and straight edge.
    All other questions in conducting the contest not covered in the rules outlined above shall be decided according to the last published rules of the National Horseshoe Pitching Association.
Jurisdiction of Officials:
  1. The referee, appointed by the tournament committee, shall decide points when contestants are in doubt. He shall also see that rules are complied with.
  2. An appeal may be made to the tournament committee if a ruling of the referee is not considered proper. Decision of the committee shall be final. (Three members of the committee are sufficient to pass on any disputed point.)
  3.  All protests shall be made immediately as the occasion arises. Protests covering shoes to be used or conditions of play can only be made before the start of the game.
  4. No protest will affect the standing of a player after the final placing has been announced by the officials.
  5. It rain or other elements interfere, players must stop play and not resume until officials authorize. On resuming play, scores at the time of interference will be in effect; also, the same courts will be used by the contestants unless they agree otherwise.
  6. The decisions of the tournament committee regarding technical points not otherwise covered by these rules shall be final.


 Designed by Dylan Murray